Sue Yin’s Diary- 12.11.11 – 15.11.11


Dear Diary,

I happened to meet the guy in the park again by chance today. I learned that his name was Julian. Julian thanked me for my little help yesterday and he was utterly gratified about it.

“The sleep I had yesterday was heavenly. All this while I have been like a sleepwalking zombie who’s not in peace and you solved my problem, just like that!” he chattered.

He seemed cheerful and I noticed the glint in his animated blue eyes. I was glad to see the change in his attitude. Perhaps God did hear my prayers after all.


I met Julian in the town’s library. He found me reading Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ at the ‘Timeless Classic’ section. I could not contain my surprise of seeing him here. Fate is definitely playing with the both of us. He was reading a science fiction paperback which I couldn’t recall what the title was. We exchanged our views on the books we were hooked with, even argued a little bit since none of us willing to accept defeat. The defeat of who was going to lose the the ‘best book’ debate. The result was ‘stalemate’, a chess term Julian had used to describe the situation after being interrupted by the frowning librarian. We had a great laugh together after she was gone from the scene.


When I was having my usual evening walk in the park, I saw Julian sitting under a shady tree. He seemed to be waiting for somebody. Curious, I tapped his shoulder playfully from the back and said, “Who’s the person lucky enough to keep a gentleman willingly enough to wait for his or her presence?” He just smiled sheepishly in return and avoided eye contact with me. He replied shyly, and most unexpectedly, ” Em….you, Sue Yin?” Indeed I was not expecting such response from him. It was as if he treated me as his…friend. I warmed over his niceness for me.


Today’s dusk was a splendor. Dusk was a delicate transformation from sunset to night fall. The clouds were puffy and pink, blending in with the soft baby colors of the picturesque sky. Witnessing the beauty of nature which was beyond reach, I was sparked by the sudden urge to be a bird to soar freely among the clouds. What does if feel like, I wonder, to fly and to do all things desired without being chained by human’s incapability and vulnerability? Sometimes, I wished to be the wind; to let the air current spontaneously takes its course to anywhere it has in mind. There are so many things occupying the world that are still unseen and undiscovered. But why must my mortal state hinder me from exploring all these?

Life is unfair. I am getting weaker day by day. Even Julian has observed how pale my skin was. He remarked jokingly that my face was ghostly pale and likened to a vampire’s marble-white complexion. Today, we discussed our favorite songs. He told me that he played the guitar and even performed ‘Better Man’ by Robbie Williams on school stage before. I was impressed. We watched the sunset together, with my head against his back. The moment was beautiful and magical despite the fact that my soul was slowly slipping away as time passed. Even when my body felt weak and heavy, almost fainting.


5 thoughts on “Sue Yin’s Diary- 12.11.11 – 15.11.11

  1. kiohtel says:

    Its great to see you’ve started a new project, Sue Yin’s Diary….but does that mean you’ve stopped The Dark Spy? 😦

  2. rhyslim says:

    Hehe….of course not. I wrote ‘Sue Yin’s Diary’ just to practise my writing skills for the coming exam, i.e tomorrow(November 15). Thanks for being this story’s loyal follower! Haha……I bet you’re the only one looking forward for that story.
    Actually, ‘Sue Yin’s Diary’ chronicles the life of a cancer patient. There’s another essay I wrote on paper which is based on the guy’s perspective (Julian). But I couldn’t seem to complete it as I realized that I have to develop Sue Yin’s role first to understand her true feelings and attitude towards life, and not to forget-Julian. Well….and it works!
    After my major public examination( ie three weeks later), I would concentrate on ‘Dark Spy’ and perhaps also make a few alterations to the plot (so that it’s less complicated and well, in line with my writing standard).
    ~Rhys Lim

  3. 😀 I wish you the good luck with your exams…both for today’s and for the public exams
    I donno if you have a twisted part following up in the new story but it has been pretty predictable till now.
    Dying girl, falls in love, they have some sweet moments, probably doesn’t tell the guy, a more tragic a bit inspiring ending – boy with a broken heart (since he lost both his friend and the love of his life).
    Atleast that’s what I have in mind. I hope I’m wrong.
    About The Dark Spy…please don’t uncomplicate it anymore…take your time, cause there’s already only 4 characters in the whole story. You write well, I’m sure you can come up with a damn good plot.
    Sorry for being an ass like that.
    I have but my best intentions for you

  4. Rhys Lim says:

    Haha…no worries, I know you meant well. =)
    Pretty predictable plot, huh? Sad to say, you did guess it right….but I hope that you could enjoy the flow of the language rather than the plot, because it’s the writing style I’m emphasizing on.
    Hope to hear more from you. =) Keep in touch ya.

  5. kiohtel says:

    Yeah 😀
    Sorry for the very delayed reply
    Happy New Year, Lim!!

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