Sue Yin’s Diary- 11.11.11

Dear Diary,

I met a guy today who told me that he had insomnia. I was having a late evening stroll in the park when I came across a person’s silhouette against the silver moonbeam. In my heart, I was wondering what was running in the guy’s mind. Intuitively, I walked towards him and patted his shoulder in a friendly gesture. He turned and when my gaze met his, I realized his eyes, as enigmatic as a blue rose, were sad and desperate. We started a light talk and I was glad that his mood improved. We chatted endlessly, like river water flowing fluidly with ease. It was not long after I discovered about his best friend’s death and his trouble with insomnia. I felt sorry for him. At the same time, I envied him too. I have never had someone so close to me whom would appreciate the person I am. I remember him saying this while he was trying to stifle his sobs,” ..he was incontestably the most understanding person I have ever known.” I knew that he meant every word he said. He was truly a loyal friend and judging by the way he spoke about his lost friend, he clearly adored him and valued his very existence. Unlike me, a girl to be forgotten after she heaves her last breath.

I helped him to cure insomnia by asking him to sweep the fallen dry leaves on the ground. He did not seem in doubt and I felt a trace of trust dawning between us. He was a gracious man, I thought. We swept for hours under ethereal night sky till he grew tired and decided to take a rest in the nearby hut. But he finally dozed off the moment he crossed his shoulders on the marble table and buried his face in it. I watched him sleeping soundly, secretly feeling content that I had done a meaningful deed by freeing this guy from insomnia. He was a good guy, and he deserved to live better than a life full of pessimism and regret.

Time certainly flies when we scarcely keep on track with it. I wonder whether I should be counting hours or days. It wouldn’t change anything though as the cluster of cancerous cells would not refrain itself from multiplying further as every second irreversibly deducts from the unknown amount of time I still have. I have so little time yet there are still so many unaccomplished dreams awaiting me. 

God, if you can hear me, grant these two wishes of mine.

First, give me more time.

Secondly, help the guy to revive his spirit so that he could see the bright side of life ahead of him.


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