Dark Spy – Part II

 Part 2: Courteous Strangers



 Am I sane?

I had been speculating this question since the call. The talk I had with the unknown was replaying in my head for hours till I had every sentence memorized.  

I’ll be waiting.

Questioning my sanity wasn’t the wisest thing to do now. Even if I have proofs that my psyche is perfectly fine, it wouldn’t have change anything because I had decided.

I chose to believe that the person is real, to confront him or her when the time arrives.

Lying on the soft fresh-scented grass, I gazed the sky. Careless wind fanned my face. The morning air felt invigorating as I breathed in deep. The sky was blue with a shade of forest green, like picturing the colors of the trees and the sea being mixed. There was something about the sky which never fails to captivate me. It was the sky’s ability to change its appearance as the cycle of day and night takes place. To always appear differently than sticking to monotony.

That is how people should be, to try something new and be adventurous. Life, I realized, is a long and tedious road for some, but only if they don’t see what they are capable to make the best out of it. Life is also like the sky because it isn’t always clear; what is life without its ups and downs?

I smiled as I listened to my own silent lecture.  Apparently, I was beginning to sound like Will.

The sun had arisen. I could feel pricks of heat on my bare skin and my eyes narrowed due to the dazzling sunlight. I sat up and stretched my arms. Then, instinctively, I turned to my watch, suddenly aware of my purpose of being out here, resting on the mat of grass with only the stars as my company for five seemingly long hours, and for not sleeping at all.


Ten more minutes to go, I told myself. Was I being too eager, or merely a curiosity towards a stranger? I couldn’t be certain…maybe both? I repelled the thought.

“You’re just finding out about the identity of the caller to learn his or her motives,” I said to assure myself, nothing else.

Suddenly, a faint roar of thunder was heard. The sun faded, hidden by clumps of grey clouds. I looked at the sky. It was no longer bright and sunny, creating an eerie atmosphere as the grass field darkened in view. The air was cooler, almost close to frost. I shuddered.

Rain,” I whispered a little too loud. As soon as I uttered the word ‘rain’, raindrops began falling from the sky. I set my feet on the ground immediately.

There’s a hut somewhere nearby. Head north. I concentrated at the location of the hut in my head as I quickened my pace. It was a drizzle at first, but it got heavier every minute. I could sense that my clothing was already drenched. And also my hair was wet as the rain was streaming endlessly on it.

Finally, I saw the hut. I was overjoyed as the thought of getting out of the immense rain came to me. It was just a few more steps. I hurried as my legs could carry me.

It must have slipped from my sight that there was a mud pool ahead of me. I was running across it when my right foot was sunk into it. My body leant forward due to imbalance and as I was about to fall, I felt some support around my waist. My hand was clutched tightly by someone. I turned my astonished face to the person. He was a boy about my age, and his expression was blank. He was trying to pull my leg out from the mud. I worked with him despite the uncomfortable position we were having.

After I managed to remove my leg, with his hand still clasped to mine, we ran to the hut. Once we were under it, he released my hand. I took this opportunity to contemplate his features.


One thought on “Dark Spy – Part II

  1. kiohtel says:

    How long will you keep me waiting for more??

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