Dark Spy – Part II

 Part 2: Courteous Strangers



 Am I sane?

I had been speculating this question since the call. The talk I had with the unknown was replaying in my head for hours till I had every sentence memorized.  

I’ll be waiting.

Questioning my sanity wasn’t the wisest thing to do now. Even if I have proofs that my psyche is perfectly fine, it wouldn’t have change anything because I had decided.

I chose to believe that the person is real, to confront him or her when the time arrives.

Lying on the soft fresh-scented grass, I gazed the sky. Careless wind fanned my face. The morning air felt invigorating as I breathed in deep. The sky was blue with a shade of forest green, like picturing the colors of the trees and the sea being mixed. There was something about the sky which never fails to captivate me. It was the sky’s ability to change its appearance as the cycle of day and night takes place. To always appear differently than sticking to monotony.

That is how people should be, to try something new and be adventurous. Life, I realized, is a long and tedious road for some, but only if they don’t see what they are capable to make the best out of it. Life is also like the sky because it isn’t always clear; what is life without its ups and downs?

I smiled as I listened to my own silent lecture.  Apparently, I was beginning to sound like Will.

The sun had arisen. I could feel pricks of heat on my bare skin and my eyes narrowed due to the dazzling sunlight. I sat up and stretched my arms. Then, instinctively, I turned to my watch, suddenly aware of my purpose of being out here, resting on the mat of grass with only the stars as my company for five seemingly long hours, and for not sleeping at all.


Ten more minutes to go, I told myself. Was I being too eager, or merely a curiosity towards a stranger? I couldn’t be certain…maybe both? I repelled the thought.

“You’re just finding out about the identity of the caller to learn his or her motives,” I said to assure myself, nothing else.

Suddenly, a faint roar of thunder was heard. The sun faded, hidden by clumps of grey clouds. I looked at the sky. It was no longer bright and sunny, creating an eerie atmosphere as the grass field darkened in view. The air was cooler, almost close to frost. I shuddered.

Rain,” I whispered a little too loud. As soon as I uttered the word ‘rain’, raindrops began falling from the sky. I set my feet on the ground immediately.

There’s a hut somewhere nearby. Head north. I concentrated at the location of the hut in my head as I quickened my pace. It was a drizzle at first, but it got heavier every minute. I could sense that my clothing was already drenched. And also my hair was wet as the rain was streaming endlessly on it.

Finally, I saw the hut. I was overjoyed as the thought of getting out of the immense rain came to me. It was just a few more steps. I hurried as my legs could carry me.

It must have slipped from my sight that there was a mud pool ahead of me. I was running across it when my right foot was sunk into it. My body leant forward due to imbalance and as I was about to fall, I felt some support around my waist. My hand was clutched tightly by someone. I turned my astonished face to the person. He was a boy about my age, and his expression was blank. He was trying to pull my leg out from the mud. I worked with him despite the uncomfortable position we were having.

After I managed to remove my leg, with his hand still clasped to mine, we ran to the hut. Once we were under it, he released my hand. I took this opportunity to contemplate his features.


Dark Spy

Part 1:  She Is His Task


The mortal girl is Keira Turner.

Find her.

Understand her.

You are bound by this obligation with no expectation of failure as

any trace of fallibility will be dire.

Make us proud, my youngling.

Till the last ray of light is surpassed. The Dark Master’s final words before I performed my first calling as a Dark Spy like any other Dark apprentices.

I was proud of myself. Arrogance is considered our strongest attribute, and as we gain power, we become more influential over mortals.  To be manipulative, it takes practice. To practice such skill, experiences are indispensable.

But I was still new to the Dark Spy business, therefore the acquisition of this ‘mind control’ was a long way to go, although my craving for this power was burning like blazing fire.

Patience is a virtue, I reminded myself. I hated this feeling of mine. Being inferior is equated to losing, which is an opposing nature to my ‘winning is a must’ attitude.

I have to attain the power. I will. I definitely would.

In the drape of blackness, I wore my cloak and headed to the portal, the entrance to the mortal world.

Let the game begin, Keira Turner.


It was a lovely evening at the edge of dusk. Colors filled among the clouds above the horizon, as if the angels were painting an art piece to mesmerize us all. Although it’s only brief and temporary, the mark of such beauty was fascinating.

“Amazing view, huh?”

I turned to face him. Will was my best friend, a very understanding and caring guy whom I was lucky enough to befriend with. He was wearing an unbuttoned brown flannel shirt and a T-shirt, with his usual denim jeans. His winter grey eyes were looking elsewhere. The sea was unruffled where only docile waves came splashing the shore. The sound of the waves was like music to my ear, almost tranquilizing. I smiled in a relaxing manner.

“Yeah… I always wonder whether creating a drawing of a sky view like this is possible.  I mean, judging by my ability,” I said.

“I know you can, as long as you have the effort to do so.”

“Easy for you to say.” I chuckled.

“I didn’t say it would be easy. Nothing challenging to a person is ever easy. Be persistent and never give up, that’s your key.”

“Must you be that philosophical?” I asked playfully. I could imply that he was amused himself. A part of his face was hidden in the shadows, but he was grinning alright.

“Well, you know me….I’m the only one bold enough to be seated next to You-Know Who in class, to stand the behavior of a girl so irritatingly bothersome and all this somewhat train me to see life differently, you know, after all the suffer you inflicted on me and……” he babbled. I jerked his shoulder.

“Ouch,” he cried, faking a yelp. “See what I mean?”

“Ha-ha. That one doesn’t count. You deserve it.”

He burst into laughter. I joined along, shaking my head over our silliness.

“Let’s get going. Night is stepping in…” said Will. He fetched our bicycles which were under a coconut tree not far from us. It was indeed dark, indicating that the Sun had disappeared, and chilly, too as a breeze gently brushed me from behind. I shivered.

“You should have dressed thicker,” he teased.

“Don’t you think this reminder comes a little too late?”

Oddly, I felt like something or someone was watching me and the sudden breeze a moment ago was not nature’s doing. It was like a cold marble hand, touching the back of my neck tenderly. I shrugged away that thought. It must be my mind making tricks, I resolved.

“Let’s go, Will.”

I grabbed my bicycle and began pedaling wordlessly. There was a split second where I spun my head and thought of seeing a pair of eyes as blue as the midnight sky, staring at me menacingly.


I had seen my target. She had eyes like black pearls, short blackish-brown hair which reached her eyebrows and her voice was something I never heard of. Her voice was layered with confidence, youthful spirit and kindness. Her hair, I had it memorized, was like silk- smooth and delicate. Her careful eyes were close to the color of her hair, except darker.

Is it wise for me to evaluate that fast? Or is it simply a Dark Spy’s instinct?

But I was dying to hear her voice, and when I met her gaze back at the beach, I felt a strong pull towards her.

Cut it out! Focus.

Emotions are for the weak, I scolded myself.  The Dark Master had warned us about the mortals. Their lives were dangerously revolved about what they called ‘feelings’ over their world. When we disguised ourselves as humans, we would learn to deal with this threat, eventually.

I’ll not give in easily.


“Nash dear, did you miss me?” I called out after I entered the house. Nash is my Siberian husky, a wolf-like dog with a grey left eye while the other is blue like the arctic ice. It was sitting obediently at the bottom of the staircase with its tail wagging, waiting for me.

I crouched and beckoned Nash to my arms and hugged it. I could have mistakenly thought Nash to a pillow if I was blind, mainly because of its thick white fur.

“Okay boy… How was your day? Fine, I hope?”

Nash just licked my cheek. “I take that as a yes.”

I patted its head jollily.

Feeling the sore on my shoulder’s joints, I knew I must be terribly exhausted. My eyes felt heavy and I bet I was going to doze off once I got myself in bed. And I did.

Everything was in monochrome ranging from black to white. Must be a product of my subconscious mind; but I actually believed I was present in this world, as in a real life experience. Dreams could be rather confusing at times. It could feel real to you even after we ponder logically when a realization hits to tell us that all these are unreal.

Okay, dreaming or not, I might as well explore the place. It was much better than standing a spot, unmoving like a rock and doing nothing.

The place was clouded by a veil of mist, hence it was difficult to see what was the setting taking place in my dream. I tried waving away the damp air in front of me which was blurring my vision. The air was as cool as late autumn. I rubbed my hands together, although I knew it wouldn’t supply me the heat I desired. To distract myself, I kept on walking-a walk to nowhere I’m concerned.

Then, I saw a flickering light ahead. I squinted to view the distant light. I was also mildly excited, maybe because I discovered a sign I was waiting for-a sign of something.

As I drew nearer to the light, I found out that it was the L.E.D of a digital clock. It was hanging freely in the air like a levitation charm was casted to it.

2:00:01- This was screened on the digital clock.

“It’s the end of the world,” a voice screamed helplessly.

“A finality for all us,” another added.

1:59:01. There was a beep.

Suddenly, it struck in my head what the time on the digital clock was all about.

It was a time countdown to the destruction of the world-of mankind.


I trembled. My whole body was shaking in fear. I looked around. People were running aimlessly. Although it was clear that the atmosphere of the condition was chaotic, strangely, there was only absolute silence, like watching a TV program with its sound volume being turned off.

I could hear myself breathing heavily.

No wonder those people seemed helpless. They were desperate, because there’s no way they could save themselves, not even the tiniest chance.

We were in a closed room with neither a door nor a window. We were trapped.

0:59:08, the numbers beamed on the digital clock’s face, like a sadistic creature who was more than glad to witness our fears and the end of everything. I just stood, uncertain of what to do.


I couldn’t deny the familiarity of the voice. It would only belong to someone I was closely attached to, that is Will. Comforted by his presence, I smiled.


At the corner of the room, a dense black matter appeared. It was sucking everyone in it, like a hungry outer space black hole. I held Will’s hand tightly, and he raised my chin up till my eyes met his. My heart was throbbing wildly when he touched me. It was so unlike him to behave this way. I refused to move for deep inside, I was yearning for more.


What was I thinking? I tried to shift my gaze, ashamed of my foolish desires. But he wouldn’t let me to and forced me to look at him instead. I obeyed weakly.

“Keira, I … “ I hushed him by placing my finger on his lips. And I saw his blue eyes begging for a reason behind the gesture I made.

Eyes, as blue as the midnight sky…


I was awake the next thing I could remember.

I panted. My mind was groggy and the only fact I was aware of was that beads of cold sweat were moistening my skin, especially at the back of my neck. The air was stuffy and hot, which brought me to sense why I was hyperventilating.

What a bizarre dream, I thought. Images of the dream began flashing in front of my eyes as if they were remnants from the dream. The images were unclear, skipping from one image to another like a book being flipped speedily.

The vision of it was dizzying. I held firmly the edge of side desk to prevent myself from collapsing.

Watch out, Keira…

I froze. The voice whiplashed my mind back to full consciousness. It’s hard to interpret whether those words were meant to be a threat or a helpful warning, like some sort of a reminder.

Then, as if the book of images had reached its chosen page, a very image stopped abruptly right in front of my eyes. This image was brighter and more conspicuous, but this was not the factor which caught my attention.

What surprised me was that in that image, it was a depiction of Will and I sitting oppositely face to face. My head was levered down, refusing to meet his penetrating gaze. His hand was lifting my chin without any hesitance, so sure of each move he acted.

The thought of even his slightest touch made my blood rushing swiftly and rose a few degrees higher till my cheeks reddened involuntarily.  Unable to control my physiological change, my heart began beating in an incredible rate like it had a mind of its own.

It was disconcerting not to have my brain working right because I was positive that I was not reacting like a normal person does. As if knowing the truth would make things better…

“RING-A-RING!!!”  a telephone’s cry shrieked. I jumped. The image vanished, details of it dispersed like a sand picture being blown away by the wind.  I rubbed my eyes, sniffed, and made my way to the phone in the living room. My sight was blinded in the dark pathway, only with occasional support by the concrete walls and stairs to guide me.

Who’d be calling at this late hour, I wondered.

“Hello?” I spoke steadily, amazed of how I could still sound so calm after all the strange occurrences.

“This is a dream. You are dreaming. Today, at precisely seven, approach to the first person that meets your eyes. I’ll be waiting. Pretend that fate summons you to do so,” the voice said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Ah, you must be curious. Dead curious.” A bleak laugh followed.

“I’m afraid you dialed the wrong number. I’m not the one you seek.”

“Oh…but you are Keira, am I right? Keira Turner.”

My body tensed up. Who is this mysterious caller? I rummaged my brain in search of any memory of his voice, but I found none.

“Do I know you?” I asked, grabbing information about this caller.

“It’s only necessary for me to know you.”

“If I’m going to continue this conversation with you, it is then necessary for me to know who you are.”

“If I don’t?” The voice challenged.

“And why is that so, may I ask?” I replied indignantly, getting impatient of whoever the caller was.

“Ah, you are hard to convince.”

“So I was told.”

“I’ll not waste time any longer. Just do as I say and you’ll be fine.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Night, Keira.”

And the line was cut.